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Welcome to Roscommon Holidays, where you will find all the information you need to take a break in scenic Roscommon, including accommodation, attractions, activities and the history of the Connaught county.

The name 'Roscomon' is derived from the Irish word 'Ros', which translates as a wooded, headland and 'Coman', which comes from Coman mac Faelchon, a saint who built a monastry in the County in the 5th century. Roscommon has a rich history and is even home to the oldest pub in Ireland, Sean's Bar.

There are a number of Roscommon natives hitting the headlines, both nationally and internationally, such as film star Chris O'Dowd and politician Luke Flanagan. Visit our Roscommon people section for more well known Rossies.

Roscommon is a rural county, rich with quiet country lanes, fresh air, heritage sites and unspoilt scenery. The natural terrain lends itself to outdoor activities such as walking and cycling, and a multitude of lakes and rivers mean there is plenty of waterside scenery to enjoy, despite being unique as the only landlocked county in Connaught. It has plenty to offer those with a taste for the great outdoors, a haven from overcrowded, claustrophobic cities and a place you can unwind and take a break from the worries of modern life.

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There are many townlands and villages in Roscommon worth visiting, each with their own attractions, history and charm. To see where these locations are in relation to the rest of the west, go to our towns and villages page. The county has a diverse range of accommodation to choose from including quiet, rustic country cottages, friendly B&Bs and modern hotels.