Roscommon Holiday

Roscommon in TV and Film

Roscommon Actors

Chris O'Dowd - Established actor in Britain and Ireland for his role in the IT Crowd and a rising star in Hollywood after his performance in 'Bridesmaids'.

Maureen O'Sullivan - Known as 'Ireland's first film star', O'Sullivan played Jane in the 'Tarzan' series of the 1930s and is the mother of Mia Farrow.

Films featuring locations in Roscommon

'Anne Devlin' - Partly filmed in Strokestown Park House.

'Wheels' - A film in which the character experiences the vast difference between country and city life, filmed in County Roscommon and Dublin.

Documentaries about Roscommon people

'Dole Eireann' - Documentary about Luke 'Ming' Flanagan.

'John McGahern: A Private World' - Documentary about writer John McGahern, who moved to Roscommon at an early age.

'The Life and Crimes of Citizen Ming' - Documentary about Luke 'Ming' Flanagan.