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Tulsk is a small village close to the centre of County Roscommon. Its name is the anglicised version of 'Tuilsce' meaning 'wet hill'. The area is best known for heritage and archaelogy, as it was a strategic base in Celtic times.

The Heritage Centre in Tulsk holds a wealth of information

Cruachan is one of the most important, and indeed best preserved, Celtic Royal sites not only in Ireland but in Europe and Tulsk is the location of the interpretative centre that strives to uncover its mysteries. The home of Irish warrior Queen Maeve, Cruachan was an Irish royal settlement that dates back to the Iron Age.

An archaeological research scheme funded by the Heritage Council called the Discovery Programme took place in Tulsk between 2003 and 2009. The work examined the settlement in the area dating from the later medieval period, circa 1170 to 1650 AD. Tulsk was the principal residence of the O'Conor Roe lords and excavation on the ringfort in the village reveals a series of settlements, including a medieval castle-building phase. Evidence of an Elizabethan period occupation has also been discovered, when the settlement fell under the garrisoning work being done by Sir Richard Bingham, the 'Flail of Connacht'.

Tulsk has a rich history dating back to Celtic times

The Cruachan Aí Heritage Centre has several exhibition rooms featuring reports, findings and images all relating to the historic area. It also features the work of a number of student volunteers under the Discovery Programme.