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Roscommon, from the Irish Ros Comáin meaning Saint Coman's Wood, is the county town of County Roscommon. Coman mac Faelchon built a monastry in the area in the 5th century and the town grew from this settlement.

Roscommon Castle

Dating back to 1269, Roscommon Castle, now in ruins, is an impressive, striking sight on the outskirts of the town. Originally quadrangular in shape, three stories high and enclosed by an additional wall, the castle has a colourful history, falling under siege and being seized at various points in history. It was partially blown up by Cromwellian forces in 1652, before being burned down in 1690 and falling into decay. It is now a national monument and a familiar landmark in Roscommon.

In the centre of the town Harrison Hall, or the Bank of Ireland building, is another example of an impressive structure with an interesting past. What began as a 17th century sessions house became a courthouse and market house in 1762, a catholic church in 1863, a recreational hall in 1903, and a dance hall, cinema and theatre until the early 1970s. It was sold to Bank of Ireland in 1972 and is still used as a bank at the moment, though who knows what the future holds for this building!

Roscommon town


There is plenty on offer in terms of sports facilities in the town, which has a racetrack, golf course and leisure centre to enjoy. Dr Douglas Hyde Park, with a capacity of 30,000, is the home of Roscommon GAA and is also used as a venue for selected Connaught GAA matches.