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Rath Cruachán

Rath Cruachán, near the village of Tulsk was the chosen settlement of the Kings of Connacht and later the High Kings of Ireland. It has been nominated by UNESCO for World Heritage Site statues alongside Newgrange and Tara.

Strokestown House is popular with tourists visiting the west of Ireland

'Rath' is the Irish for fort and Rathcroghan is also the site where Queen Maeve set up her military base. Maeve inherited the Connacht kingdom from her father, High-King Eochaid Feidlech. The area is the starting point of the Irish mythological epic 'Táin Bó Cuailnge' otherwise known as the Cattle Raid of Cooley. The tale also ends with the fight of the bulls at Rath na Darbh, one of the biggest ringforts of Rath Cruachan.

While the mythology of the site can be interpreted as folklore, there are a number of features that have archaeological evidence as proof of existence and some that can still be seen today. There are ringforts such as Rathmore and Rath na Darbh, cemeteries like Reilig na Ri, souterrains, burial mounds and a fallen standing stone.